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Posted by Matt Mitchell on 12/10/2016

WORLD-beating technology from a small Devon firm has caught the eye of Prince Charles.

The Prince viewed a Softrak 120 cut and collect system made by Cullompton-based Loglogicand met director Marcus Frankpittwhen he toured the Royal Norfolk Show. The Softrak was part of a Broads Authority stand at the UK’s largest two-day county show because it is used for conservation work on the Norfolk Broads. Mr Frankpitt said: “I was very proud that Prince Charles took an interest in the work of Loglogic as we are a world-leading business.

“We export all over the globe and produce equipment which even the United Nations recently acknowledged is the best anywhere. “Prince Charles asked about the Softrak, which is one of our best-sellers, and I explained that the Broads Authority uses it for managing wetlands habitats by cutting reeds,and the cut material is mostly used for composting and potentially biomass energy. “I also mentioned that he had visited Cullompton when he came to the Farmers Market which my wife Tracy started, and he asked me to pass on his best regards.”

Loglogic-made Softraks operate in many of the world’s most environmentally-sensitive areas because their ground pressure is just one-quarter of the average human footstep.

The vehicle’s softly-softly design avoids destroying flora and fauna over which it travels, and it is especially useful in wetlands because it can work in up to 35 cm (14 inches) of water.

As well as the Norfolk Broads, whichis Britain's largest protected wetland and third largest inland waterway,Softraksare usedin the UK on the Somerset Levels, and the Anglesey Fens.