Our award winning product range is complied of over twenty years of research and development from across the nature conservation, agriculture, forestry and utility industries.


The LOGLOGIC Softrak is a Multi-Purpose, All Terrain Load/Personal Carrier. The Softrak is able to traverse steep slopes and cross very soft ground with ease, by virtue of its exceptional ground clearance and extremely low ground pressure Bridgestone rubber tracks. In 2020, Loglogic released the Softrak 140 - a brand new machine with 30% extra capacity and a 140HP engine.


British Designed and built by Loglogic. Wide Bandsaw technology with 101 mm (4") wide blades with optional satellite tips (remains sharper in abrasive timbers) to allow all timbers (including Greenheart) to be cut accurately and efficiently up to 980 mm wide. 

Fire Control

Fire control systems by Loglogic include a bespoke demount-able fire system containing two self loading fire fogging stations. This is in active use in the UK with Lancashire Fire & Rescue and a private organisation in Northern Ireland.

GT100 Slope Drilling Rig

The Loglogic GT100 soil-sampling rig is a tracked based mobile 
platform designed for undertaking windowless sampling and SPTs on extreme slopes such as dams or motorway and railway embankments.

Reed Harvesting

The Loglogic Cutter-Binder system is a 
purpose built attachment for fitting to a standard Softrak low ground pressure machine for the harvesting of many types of vegetation on wetland habitats where its extremely low ground pressure and unique flexible rubber track ensures minimal damage to both flora and fauna in these environmentally sensitive areas.



The LOGLOGIC Bigtrak is a rugged multipurpose load/tool carrier with a five ton capacity. The 2.27psi ultra low ground pressure, high ground clearance and excellent maneuverability of the Bigtrak makes it suitable for a wide range of operations in the most difficult conditions. This machine operates where 'wheels' would not go.

Sea Launch & Recovery

Launch and recovery operations by RNLI required a bespoke vehicle for D-Class boats. Now in active use across the UK & Ireland. Other clientele have included private organisations, GAP in Ireland and on-station at Londonderry Airport.

GT150 Support Tender

The Loglogic GT150 is a drilling support vehicle, which is a track based mobile 
platform designed for transporting equipment, consumables, water,  etc on extreme slopes

Bespoke Track Systems

Loglogic supply track modules that are constructed in high tensile steels (700Nmm²) and mounted on transverse cross tubes to allow the track width of the machine to be easily varied for different applications and tracks.



The Tooltrak is a compact, crawler based tool carrier. It is available with front and rear power take off (PTO) and linkages for mounting a range of attachments including: mowers, mulchers, bulldozers, winches, log rollers and more.


Completely hand portable, the Trekkasaw is British designed and built by Loglogic
. Similar in specification to the Autotrek, this machine utilises wide-band saw technology. Available with a tractor/or self contained power pack.

GT300 Slope Drilling Rig

The Loglogic GT300 Rotary Rig is a track based mobile platform designed for undertaking dynamic sampling and rotary drilling on extreme slopes such as dams or motorway and railway embankments.

Cut and Collect System

The Loglogic Softrak ‘Cut and Collect System’ is a 
purpose built low ground pressure vehicle, fitted with a front mounted flail harvester, for use in the restoration and harvesting of all types of vegetation on wetland habitats.


Softrak 140

The Loglogic Softrak 140 is an adaptation of the original Softrak design - with increased engine performance and 
extra capacity whilst maintaining it's low ground pressure.