Launch and Recovery (Sea)

Developed closely with the RNLI to an exacting specification, the Launch and Recovery system is a heavily adapted Softrak. Now in active use with RNLI at Burnham-on-Sea, it must to be able to launch and recover a D Class ILB or an Atlantic ILB at all states of tide on its ‘Drive on Drive off’ trolley. 

It had to be suitable for operating in extremely soft ground conditions such as estuary mud, soft sand, shingle or with the addition of suitable ballast, able to operate on wet clay conditions.

The capability of wading to a depth of 1m and to be able to withstand momentary swamping by wave action (1M peak to peak) from the front or rear without the engine stalling or the cab glass cracking or shattering was paramount.

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Further technical information can be found in the PDF document for this vehicle.

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Tooltrak Launch and Recovery System

After being approached by the RNLI, Loglogic also developed the launch and recovery system based upon the Tooltrak design. The mobile design of the Tooltrak allows the launch and recovery of smaller, dinghy-class boats. The system is in active use across the UK and Ireland. Click here to find out more ...