GT100 Slope Drilling Rig

The GT100 soil-sampling rig is a tracked based mobile platform designed for undertaking windowless sampling and SPTs on extreme slopes such as dams or motorway and railway embankments.

The working platform and drilling mast are automatically levelled in both planes to allow safe working on side slopes and steep inclines. The steel tracks, fitted with single grouser pads, achieve good ground penetration to give maximum grip on steep slopes up to 45 degrees. A 7,400kg radio controlled winch is fitted for added security on critical sites.

The GT100 has radio control for travelling, winch operation and platform levelling override. Once in position the fold down walkways and
drilling mast are deployed to give a secure level working area. All working areas are fitted with heavy-duty, GRP floor grating and guarded with removable handrails, kickboards and stanchions.

Safe operation and speed of deployment are major features of this rig. The GT100 can be transported to site on a trailer behind a suitable 4WD and with a 3.4kph travel speed it can be quickly positioned on site.

Applications :

• Standard Penetration Test (SPT)

• Dynamic probing

• Borehole formation to 15m

• Casing facility up to 8m

• Continuous dynamic sampling up to 114mm

• Installation of 19 & 50mm standpipes for gas/water monitoring

• Installation of 68mm biaxial inclinometer tubing

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