The LOGLOGIC Softrak is a Multi-Purpose, All Terrain Load/Personal Carrier. The Softrak is able to traverse steep slopes and cross very soft ground with ease, by virtue of its exceptional ground clearance and extremely low ground pressure Bridgestone rubber tracks. Unlike rigid track systems the rubber track has been designed with flexible edges, so that it can deflect over obstacles and not cut into soft ground whilst maneuvering, causing minimal damage to sensitive environments or highway surfaces. With Rubber mounted floating bogies a smooth ride can be achieved over rough ground. The LOGLOGIC Softrak is the latest in low ground pressure machines.


The Track Bodies are constructed in high tensile steels and are mounted on transverse cross tubes to allow the track width of the machine to be easily varied for different applications and tracks. Tension of the rubber track is by grease filled rams and can be easily adjusted with a standard grease gun.

The fully floating bogies are rubber mounted for vibration isolation and maintenance free operation. The heavy-duty track rollers are fully sealed with mechanical face seals (as found on Caterpillar excavators) to give unrivaled reliability and maintenance free
operation in all conditions.

Inside the Cabin

The comfortable three man cab comes with tinted glass, full height doors, opening side windows and sound proofing as standard and with a full heating and ventilation system (optional Air Conditioning) ensures stress free operation in all weathers. The rubber suspension 
allows the cab to be tilted forward to allow easy access to the engine and transmission for service. The cab is fitted as standard with a heavy- duty suspension seat and lap belt for
 the driver with the option of suspension seats throughout. 

Engine and Control

The powerful 
Turbo Diesel Engine is allied to a servo control hydro-static transmission system to give step-less speed control with full automatic braking. The two speed track motors allow high tractive effort and reduced speed for when climbing steep slopes or carrying heavy loads and the option of high speed for rapid transit when conditions allow. The patented Single Joystick Control is unique to Loglogic and allows exceptionally smooth control of all the transmission functions from contra-rotation on the spot at low speed to wide sweeping curves at high speed all at the touch of a lever. As a safety feature the joystick will automatically return to the neutral position on release bringing the machine to a controlled-stop. The control lever must also be in the neutral position and the brakes applied to start the engine. For emergency braking and parking the SOFTRAK is supplied with oil immersed multi disk brakes as standard.

Further Information

Further technical information can be found in the PDF document for this vehicle.

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The Bigtrak can be adapted with bespoke crane systems and has been utilized in various utility companies, for maintenance and the erection of poles, transformers and power lines.

Bigtrak Insulated Aerial Access Platform

The Bigtrak can be customized with an 'insulated 43KV' aerial access platform (supplied by Versalift). The insulation of the platform, maneuverability and low ground pressure of the Bigtrak allows aerial access for the erection and maintenance of power lines and equipment.