Softrak 140

Based on the original Softrak, which has proved invaluable in managing Fens, uplands and other delicate habitats over the last 10 years, the Softrak 140 with extended chassis and undercarriage and high-powered engine is designed to satisfy the needs of the contractor or reserve manager who needs to manage larger areas but still maintain the extremely low ground pressure and minimal damage to sensitive terrains of the original. Many of the options offered on the standard Softrak can also be fitted to the 140 variant.

The use of high 
strength steels means that although the Softrak 140 is very light it is immensely strong as proven by the many thousands of hours accumulated by end users without material failures.

chassis, cab, undercarriage etc. are prepared by shot blasting, sprayed with molten zinc and then powder coated with a tough polyester paint to give an extremely durable finish.

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Further technical information can be found in the PDF document for this vehicle.

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