Autotrek (Wide-band saw)

British designed and built, the Loglogic Autotrek Mobile Sawmill is one of the largest capacity mobile sawmills of its type. Using wide-band saw technology with 101mm (4”) wide stellite tipped saws (remains sharper in abrasive timbers) to allow all timbers (including Greenheart) to be cut accurately and efficiently up to 1000mm wide.

The saw head is diesel hydraulically poweredone of the safest forms of power for any mobile sawmill. This can start or stop the saw blade in less than five seconds. It is well known that the majority of accidents happen while moving timber in the proximity of a live blade. Besides the safety benefits, direct hydrostatic drive has become more flexible than ever for mobile and portable equipment. The Autotrek has been proven on some of the most demanding projects, with contractors and the British Army using the Autotrek throughout the world. 

Operating in temperatures up to + 40c in Africa & South America down to -20c in Russia.

The Autotrek is fitted as standard with the ‘Board-set’ digital measuring system, which measures both board thickness and absolute height from the log decks at both ends of the mill. This allows boards to be cut accurately and even measures tapered boards if required. On each saw-cut the ‘Boardset’ system resets the board thickness deducting the blade kerf automatically.

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Further technical information can be found in the PDF document for this vehicle.

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