Cut and Collect System

The Loglogic Softrak  ‘Cut and Collect System’  is a purpose built low ground pressure vehicle, fitted with a front mounted flail harvester, for use in the restoration and harvesting of all types of vegetation. On wetland habitats its extremely low ground pressure and unique flexible rubber track ensures minimal damage to both flora and fauna in these environmentally sensitive areas.

The well-proven ‘direct cut’ flail harvester system with remote controlled electric discharge chute, is capable of picking up swath or directly cut material cleanly. It can work in standing water up to a maximum depth of approx. 350mm and harvest a range of vegetation from typical wetland habitats to bracken, heather, weeds and gorse etc. Due to its unique construction, the cutting flails are relatively insensitive to foreign objects such as stones, stumps etc. The flails can easily be replaced or sharpened. The hood is opened by means of a lever handle and linkage to facilitate inspection and cleaning.

Maintenance costs are minimal due to the sturdy flail rotor with heavy 1.4 kg two-piece flails made from hardened steel. The flails are mounted independently and easily replaced, as only the worn tip has to be replaced. The patented flail suspension causes centrifugal force to lock the flails during operation and provides high cutting power even in heavy crops. When the flails encounter stones or similar hard resistance, they automatically swing back to avoid damage. The chopped material is blown over the cab into a Front loading, 8 m3 rear bulk bin comprising of a lightweight galvanised steel frame and aluminium clad container with a full height automatic opening/closing door.

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