All Terrain Vehicles

Loglogic have been manufacturing all terrain vehicles (ATVs) for the last 20 years and as such, are well established in providing some of the most versatile rubber tracked systems on the market today.


The LOGLOGIC Softrak is a Multi-Purpose, All Terrain Load/Personal Carrier. The Softrak is able to traverse steep slopes and cross very soft ground with ease, by virtue of its exceptional ground clearance and extremely low ground pressure Bridgestone rubber tracks. In 2020, Loglogic released the Softrak 140 - a brand new machine with 30% extra capacity and a 140HP engine.


The LOGLOGIC Bigtrak is a rugged multipurpose load/tool carrier with a five ton capacity. The 2.27psi ultra low ground pressure, high ground clearance and excellent maneuverability of the Bigtrak makes it suitable for a wide range of operations in the most difficult conditions. This machine operates where 'wheels' would not go.


The Tooltrak is a compact, crawler based tool carrier. It is available with front and rear power take off (PTO) and linkages for mounting a range of attachments including: mowers, mulchers, bulldozers, winches, log rollers and more.