Fire Control

The Fire & Rescue appliance is a purpose built vehicle - originally designed for the Lancashire Fire & Rescue service. The vehicle (based upon a Softrak) is designed to power the on board equipment, using the hydraulic system, thereby eliminating the risks of using petrol powered equipment, and the carrying of extra petrol etc. High-pressure, low volume “Fogging Systems” are suitable for controlling and suppressing various types of fire.

Fogging units are designed to produce a specific water droplet size and jet stream velocity to provide an effective fire fighting combination. This gives deep fire penetration, rapid knockdown, extended fire attack time, rapid temperature drop due to efficient heat absorption and large reaction surface of the water droplets on the fire area. As the water droplets very quickly turn to steam they absorb large amounts of energy, namely heat. Consequentially the water vapor expands in volume by 1,640 times. This reduces the oxygen content in the fire and also gives in an immediate temperature drop.

The rear platform of the Softrak is fitted with a removable rollover protection structure (ROPS) covered in a heavy- duty breathable synthetic fabric c/w roll up sides and rear panel and heavy duty flexible windows on all sides. The integral 1,000 litre welded polypropylene tank incorporates a seating area for up to 3 persons with inertia reel seat belts.

The fire fighting equipment is mounted onto the ROPS frame. The ROPS frame, tank etc. is easily removed from the rear of the SOFTRAK using the four leg jacks.

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Further technical information can be found in the PDF document for this vehicle.

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Fire System

The Fire system is an adaptation for the Softrak, comprising of a high volume low-pressure self-priming pump and a high pressure “Fogging System”. Click here for more ...