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Search & Rescue Softrak returns for some TLC

Burnham-on-Sea's RNLI lifeboat station who purchased a Softrak Search & Rescue tractor in 2005 has returned it to Loglogic's Devon manufacturing plant for refurbishment works.

The vehicle which was purchased after a will bequest from the late Kathleen Cartwright, a Berrow resident, is named Kay’s Cart in her memory. Throughout it's first ten years of use, Kay's Cart (a custom modified-spec Softrak) has been used in hundreds of rescue scenarios and has proved invaluable in lifeboat operations at Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset. Due to the extreme nature of it's use, Kay's Cart is regulary refurbished/serviced to make sure it is running in tip-top condition.

Graham Mitchell, sales manager said of it's return, "It's always a pleasure to see Kay's Cart back at the workshop, it has proved to be a very important tool for the lifeboat services. It's great to get her back to optimum working condition knowing how it potentially saves hundreds of lives every year".

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