The Loglogic Cutter-Binder system is a purpose built attachment for fitting to a standard Softrak low ground pressure machine for the harvesting of many types of vegetation on wetland habitats where it’s extremely low ground pressure and unique flexible rubber track ensures minimal damage to both flora and fauna in these environmentally sensitive areas. The reaper-binder is a modified BCS harvesting head, which has proved to be a simple and reliable system used for many years in the industry.

The harvesting head and conveyor is mounted on the standard Softrak front linkage system. The conveying system comprises a variable speed, hydraulically driven chain conveyer mounted behind the harvesting head, which collects the bundles and conveys them up along the side of the vehicle to the rear platform on the rear of the Softrak.

The bundles can then be stacked loose onto the bed or loaded into the baling frame to be formed into a bale 1.2m diameter x 2.4m long comprising approximately 80 - 100 bundles. The bale can be tied with sisal or polypropylene twine, plastic or steel strapping or re-usable ratchet straps. A plastic sheet can be incorporated into the bale to improve weather resistance if stored outside. The bales can then be mechanically handled and their size means they can easily be transported by truck if required.

Further Information

Further technical information can be found in the PDF document for this vehicle.

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