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Formed in 1992 and now one of the world leaders in reed harvesting and wetland management; find out more about our humble beginnings. Click for more...


Introducing the future of multi-purpose all terrain vehicles, the Softrak 120, adapted & upgraded from the original Softrak design, now with an 120 horsepower engine and 30% extra capacity. Click here for more... 

Supporting Environmental Conservation

We pride ourselves on supporting worldwide environmental conservation. We have close partnerships with the RSPB, Natural England and The National Trust and many worldwide environmental organisations. Click here for more...

Welcome to Loglogic

Formed in 1992 to manufacture computer controlled timber harvesting systems, Loglogic is now one of the UK's leading manufacturers of specialist low ground pressure tracked vehicles and associated equipment.

Loglogic has gone on to develop a wide range of equipment for use in the nature conservation, agriculture, forestry, and utility industries.

Based in Devon, England, Loglogic prides itself on its ability to design, develop, and manufacture specialised equipment for a wide range of applications, using either variants of its standard machines or developing bespoke solutions to meet the customer’s exact requirements.

This position has now been filled and this is an archived news article.

We're looking for a CNC mill setter/operator to join our busy head office workshop in Cullompton, Devon.

Working with a wide variety of materials, the successful applicant will be machining components to close tolerances for our in house production of specialist vehicles. 

You must be able to understand technical drawings, interpret specifications, adjust offsets and cutting tools to produce parts to tolerance, on time. 

More information can be found on our job vacancies page.

Loglogic are pleased to annoucned a newbsite for a new generation 


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